by johnathonl

I am writing this introduction a week into Omaha Code School. A belief I held was that writing anything before getting in to the process would be anxious and very speculative. While not inherently negative, it was just not a piece I could bring myself to write. Prior to Omaha Code School I was in the Home Improvement business for about 6 years. It allowed me to use problem solving and help create things that I could see were improving the projects I was working on. The hope is that I can carry these skills of working with people and building projects into my current endeavor which is Omaha Code School. There are several things I did not accurately predict. One is the cohesiveness that a group of strangers can obtain after being forced to work together for five days. I say forced but really should say allowed. Everyone I have worked with on projects this first week have been very studious and excited about the assignments. There has been a time in each project where we hit progress=0, but no one has wavered in trying to push through the problem. Contrary to my initial belief we did not start the class with HelloWorld.rb.

The ease of the transition into Omaha Code School for me actually goes back to when I was an extremely young kid. My mom kept accounting records on a c64 with a backup on a tape drive. The only thing I knew at that time is once a month a magazine came and she could copy the code into the machine and I would have a new game to play. Since that point in time I have always been toying, tinkering and enjoying technology. After that c64 we went to x86 and I have hardly pushed a button on a mac until Omaha Code School. When Sumeet said it was a requirement I was a bit disheartened. My first thought was to try to find a laptop that would cooperate with some hackintosh modification. An hour into this process is when I had a realization about myself and how I have always done things. I really like my way. I don’t know exactly why I prefer to do things in my own way, there are most likely better ways to do things or more information I should be looking for to reach objectives. I bought a used macbook and entered this phase of my life with the idea that I will not box myself in, I will be open to doing things someone else’s way, learn from the process, and then make a decision about the new best way to do things.

The first week of Omaha Code School has been extremely interesting. I was that last person finished on laptop setup day. Though it was a tedious task I do believe that Boxen was the easiest way to get everyone on the same page. From there it was off to start working in Ruby. In the prework and still at this moment I have a hard time getting used to everything Ruby does for me. My last code experience was a Programming class in High School(2000ish) that was C and Basic, the first year they switched from COBOL. Now I am all like variable.each HA ITERATION LOOP! That really sums up the first week for me. Meeting awesome new people and trying to make sure I use the language efficiently. I’ll let you know my thoughts on my first Yoga session another time.