Explaining DST to a One Year Old

by johnathonl

I am really enjoying Code School. There is always a challenge, everyday, and just when you think you have tried everything and you are almost ready to surrender to the powers of nil class, something clicks .. you fix it, and then you’re back on your way. One thing I love about code is that I know the result desired is achievable. As a class we are getting to know all the methods for building and delivery, and there is a predictable outcome we can achieve. There is a when, but it is not known until the git push is sent and you’re on to the next challenge. Week two was interesting because a rhythm has been developed between all of us at OCS. There is always a feeling of excitement met with brief moments of exhaustion. The exhaustion may just be me. I have never stayed up playing tic-tac-toe with myself til midnight figuring out all moves a player could make to confuse an AI until the second week of code school.

My wife thinks I have joined a cult. She’s very understanding,.. seriously. In just under three weeks I have quit a construction job, slashed my beer consumption, started doing yoga and meditation, have started to prefer a Macbook for perusing over a PC I built a year ago, and she just reminded me I am blogging. Despite all the changes there is no lack of confidence that when the last day of Code School rolls around I will be better off then when I started. Given the proper tools, methods and time nearly anything is possible. I say nearly because the one-way discussion about day-light-savings time to my daughter was impossible. My feelings Sunday night were probably similar to Andy’s experience explaining his integer to roman numeral conversion to me before my first cup of my ever increasing daily coffee regimen. Or Cara explaining the best methods for tic-tac-toe victory to me Friday evening. Attentive, present and conscious there come brief moments where words just stop registering. They are rare and never have I heard a classmate say they are overwhelmed. The curriculum thus far has been an informative with process explanation, a few projects to get used to it and a day to let it set in. We are always building on what we last learned which has been awesome. Rereading this paragraph,.. I may have joined a cult.

Sumeet had a field trip planned for us this week that was very intriguing. We went to Grain & Mortar, a design, market and branding company down at the Mastercraft building. It was exciting to see people who loved and took pride in their product. Their space is about perfect for the current size of their company, but given their focus on quality and the cohesiveness of their team I am afraid their cafeteria may soon be desks & monitors. They do have one coder running a Windows platform which was nice to see. OCS has an open house scheduled for tomorrow(Fri. 3/14) where people can meet and greet some staff and students that are in the class. We should be able to show you a few things that we have done over the course of the past few weeks. Our current project is creating a blog website with a feature set we design and create. Due Monday. I’ll elaborate on my model once I get it working.  This week has been a lot of fun. We have had a chance to build a teamwork aspect outside of our pair coding exercises(puzzle club what what). I must also say that there are more reports of people losing their once serene dreams to Ruby, Sinatra, and SQL. While I can definitely sympathize,.. the 2:30am “Oh I know how to fix that now” has yet to get me out of bed. On that note,.. hope to see you tomorrow.