Here’s Tom With The Weather

by johnathonl

What a week, or a couple of weeks, I don’t remember. What I know is that we, as a class, developed 4 tangible products in 4.5 days after 4 weeks of class. They’re pretty slick if I don’t say so myself. I had a brief moment of fulfillment, programming wise, meeting with my teammates to discuss the future of our application. It was like I was back to creating a product, collaborating and trying to make the result what we envisioned. Then came Monday. The plans I had to work on our project were completely upended by the need to learn the ins and outs of Javascript. I would compare it, thus far, to reading Atlas Shrugged. Everyone tells me it is good, I am sure it’s interesting, but getting into is like starting a fire with two wet sticks.

I have taken for granted just how eloquent Ruby is. I know there is a cost, whether it be memory, load times or some other object that is perceived as an inconvenience. JS just doesn’t have the flow,.. maybe I’ll get there. We have met with people from Flywheel & Lemonly which has been an interesting perspective into different aspects of development and the products that support it. I am excited to see a full stack development operation. We had an assignment to rebuild a site in css and html off of an image file. It may be the most versatile language in the world for assembling websites but it is the least predictable thus far. If I want something on the right side of the layout, I am going to float it left,……. makes sense to me! Once I completely develop my system, which I have named CSS Tetris, I’ll like it a lot better. Regardless of the feelings I have from day to day regarding language idiosyncrasies or small amounts of pent up energy from working through frustrating problems the challenges are wicked fun and the people make it enjoyable. });